Why GC Products Expanded from Reno to Lincoln

Greater Sacramento

February 15, 2018

Why GC Products Expanded from Reno to Lincoln

Why did you choose the Sacramento region to do business?

“The Sacramento region is an excellent geographic location for GC Products, Inc. We are located in Lincoln— 28 minutes northeast of Sacramento. We can easily ship our products throughout the country, whether it’s north, south, east or west. GC Products continues to conduct a lot of business in the Bay Area, Pacific Northwest and on the East Coast. We can easily reach all of these markets throughout the nation from the Sacramento region.”

What are the benefits of living and doing business in the Sacramento region?

“The biggest benefit of living and doing business in the Sacramento region is the diversity of people. Our company needs to be able to find ready and available talent. GC Products can always find skilled employees in order to continue doing business. The Sacramento region also has an affordable housing market compared to other parts of California, especially in the Lincoln community.”

Do you believe your location in the Sacramento region has helped you find quality talent?

“The diversity of the Sacramento region has helped us find quality talent. We are able to find people who have the skillset to fill our unique needs including: draftsmen, engineers, CNC operators, laborers and sales. In addition, we also have a very low turnover with our employees because they enjoy the quality of life the region has to offer.”

Why do you choose to do business in California over other states?

“The biggest reason we decided to do business in California is the proximity to our customers. Most of our customers are large specialty contractors who have major offices in Northern California. It’s crucial we are close to our customers and their projects give us an advantage over our competition. Most of our customers also have offices throughout the United States. Building relationships with their corporate offices in California leads to more projects nationwide.”

What is your favorite restaurant or hangout spot in the Sacramento region?

“There are a number of great spots in the Sacramento region, but we take a lot of our customers to Midtown, Sacramento due to the variety of restaurants and entertainment choices. Zocolo is one of our favorite restaurants, which is in a unique building with great food and atmosphere! For a quick business breakfast or lunch, you can’t beat Kim’s Country Kitchen in Lincoln. By far the best food and best staff in the region!”

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