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How Sacramento compares to America’s best-run airports – Sacramento Business Journal

In the next three to five years, Sacramento International Airport could live a little more up to its name. That’s the time frame in which airport officials expect that they will have the passenger counts necessary to get airlines to offer direct flights to Europe or Asia.

March Madness brings new people to Sacramento area

A lot of people are visiting Sacramento for the first time to enjoy March Madness. “We love it it's beautiful here,” said Lauren Senderoff, who is here from Ohio rooting for Kent State University. The Greater Sacramento Economic Council estimates $5.8 million in economic impact to the region because of the NCAA tournament at the Golden 1 Center.

SupportPay gets $4M venture capital boost, adding more than 20 employees – Sacramento Business Journal

Local Silicon Valley transplant SupportPay is expected to hire more than 20 more employees in East Sacramento after receiving $4 million in venture capital funds. Founded in 2011, SupportPay’s app is meant to help divorced or separated parents take care of child support payments and related expenses.

Barry Broome and Meg Arnold Drive Region’s Innovation Agenda by HaneyBiz

Mr. GSAEC, Barry Broome, President and CEO of Greater Sacramento Area Economic Council sweeps up growing companies all over the country and plants them right here in our region.

Making The Case For And Against Renovating The Community Theatre, Convention Center

Sacramento business leaders are clashing over their visions for renovating Sacramento’s Convention Center. Expansion plans are at the center of the debate. Right now the building covers 384-thousand square feet. The city’s tourism group Visit Sacramento wants to expand it by another 120,000 square feet.

Don’t sell Sacramento short, but also measure the gains

Many years ago, 27 or so, before the Hyatt and Sheraton and Citizen, a San Franciscan had occasion to stay in a downtown Sacramento hotel and noticed creepy six-legged guests in his room. Apologetic hotel staff gave the guest another room, and, when he checked out in the morning, sheepishly handed him the bill, with the price reduced due to what they labeled a “cockroach discount.”

Sacramento, Calif., and Bay Area Make Pact to Lure Tech Companies Away from Competing States

The idea is to create a kind of unified Northern California market for companies seeking a place to locate – a Bay Area-Sacramento mega-region.

Council Forms Megaregion Partnership with Sacramento to Keep Jobs, Grow Economy – Bay Area Council

The Bay Area Council today announced a new partnership with the Greater Sacramento Area Economic Council as part of a campaign promote the integration of the Bay Area and the Capital Region into a single high-performing economy by developing and leveraging a joint civic, business, and policy platform.

3 tech companies to ditch Bay Area for Sacramento

Three tech companies, including Ittavi, are relocating from the Bay Area to the Capital City.

Fantag Taps Former Apple Exec to Help Transform the Sports Video Market

March 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Fantag, a pioneer in mobile video technology, announced today that it has hired as its chief operating officer (COO). Among his many posts in the technology world, John served as a vice president at Apple, reporting directly to then-COO Tim Cook (now CEO of Apple), after the company acquired PowerSchool, a startup John co-founded in 1999 and which today serves 100 million users in 70 countries.

Sacramento mayor defies ‘bully’ Trump in DC visit

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, visiting Washington in hopes of winning support for a wide range of development plans, found himself defending his city’s immigrant residents against a Trump administration determined to enforce tougher policies. The mayor challenged a Trump official on the president’s rhetoric and touted the city’s sanctuary status to tech entrepreneurs as a reason for them to move to Sacramento.

Sacramento’s housing market will be one of nation’s hottest in 2017, Realtors’ site predicts

Sacramento’s housing market is turning hot – so hot, in fact, that it’s expected to become the fourth-hottest market in the country next year., an online real estate site, said Wednesday that housing prices in greater Sacramento will jump 7.2 percent in 2017.

Giving Sacramento an Edge – Comstock’s magazine

Every community wants a robust economy capable of competing with any other in the country. But how do you do that? That’s the question the Greater Sacramento Area Economic Council is trying to answer. We sat down with Dr. Chris Weare, the group’s director of research and strategy, to learn about its efforts to pump more life into the Capital Region’s economy.

The most important Sacramento issue on November’s ballot is one you may have overlooked

Measure B is the most important local issue on the November ballot. It’s a chance for Sacramento County to invest in itself, to actually work cooperatively in a way that rarely happens in this region. It will raise a projected $3.6 billion over 30 years to be spent on fixing crumbling roads, building badly needed bridges and creating safer bike paths.

Darrell Steinberg is the right man for this Sacramento moment

Sacramento’s Mayor-elect Darrell Steinberg was on a bus to San Francisco last week, conversing with business leaders from throughout the capital region, when he unexpectedly bounded to his feet and grabbed a tray of sandwiches. “Is anybody hungry?” asked Steinberg, 56, in an unassailably sincere tone.

Sacramento economic organization makes pact with Bay Area

Greater Sacramento’s economic development organization has touted its early success in recruiting small high-tech companies from the Bay Area. Now the group has gone a step further, announcing that its economic growth strategy going forward will hinge on being considered part of a Bay Area-Sacramento mega-region.

Is a Northern California mega-region spanning Bay Area and Sacramento good for Silicon Valley? – Silicon Valley Business Journal

Welcome to the mega-region. The Bay Area Council and the Greater Sacramento Area Economic Council announced on Wednesday the launch of #CaliforniaJobsMatter, a campaign to integrate the Bay Area and Sacramento area. “Sacramento has the advantage of a lower cost structure,” said Jim Wunderman, Bay Area Council CEO and president.

Sacramento Tech Pitch-Fest Showcases Innovative Solutions for Government

The second-annual Civic and Gov Tech Showcase was a forum for 20 emerging companies, government programs and nonprofit endeavors, a networking event bringing together government workers and private-sector experts, and a rallying cry for Sacramento as a viable alternative to the Silicon Valley.

Bay Area civic groups joining forces

The Greater Sacramento Area Economic Council is joining with the Bay Area Council to keep jobs in the area. Barry Broome, president and CEO of the Sacramento group, was on the News @ 9 to discuss the collaboration.

New Technology Gives Live Sports The Social Experience They Deserve

Imagine: You are sitting at a basketball game, see an awesome play or a quick, confusing turnaround or scuffle, what do you do? You look up at the monitor to watch the replay and try to make sense of what just happened or when it’s sheer greatness you just witnessed, you momentarily re-live the play in all its glory.

How One Female Fintech Founder Beat The Odds-And Raised Millions For Child Support App | Fast Company

When former Silicon Valley exec Sheri Atwood landed $4 million in crucial Series A venture capital funding for SupportPay, an app designed to streamline child care payments, a lot of attention was focused on her personal story. She was a divorced mom and child of a painful broken marriage-so the show-me-the-money skirmishes were familiar territory.

Economic Leaders Talk Strategies to Keep College Graduates in the Sacramento Area | Joe Michaels | NewsRadio KFBK

With news that the Sacramento region has the 2nd highest youth unemployment rate, about 200 civic and economic leaders gathered at William Jessup University Tuesday to discuss strategies to keep college graduates from leaving the area after getting their degrees. The Greater Sacramento Economic Council hosted the interactive forum highlighting the pros and cons of the region’s current competitive position.

Greater Sacramento Economic Council’s new plan: 200 tech startups in next decade – Sacramento Business Journal

Greater Sacramento Economic Council CEO Barry Broome recently announced a campaign to focus on attracting high-technology startups from Silicon Valley that have the potential to grow. Specifically, Broome hopes to attract about 200 tech startups here over the next decade.

Groups Push To Merge Sacramento With Bay Area To Create ‘Mega Region’

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – With Bay Area traffic extending to Sacramento and the Central Valley corridor, its no surprise that several economic groups are pushing to rename this area the “Bay Area-Sacramento Mega Region.” The idea is to pull together to stave off out of state job poachers.

Greater Sacramento Area Economic Council joins Bay Area in business recruitment strategy – Sacramento Business Journal

The Greater Sacramento Area Economic Council has embarked on a branding campaign to market the capital region as part of the greater Bay Area economy. The council is headed to San Francisco with Sacramento Mayor-elect Darrell Steinberg on Wednesday for a news conference with the Bay Area Council, a CEO-led nonprofit that represents the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area region.

Why Bay Area tech companies are key to Sacramento’s economic strategy

When the Sacramento region’s new economic development guru arrived in town in early 2015, he preached a mostly homegrown approach that emphasized nurturing industries in food, agriculture, water and other fields connected to the area’s natural strengths.

Tech company to bring dozens of new jobs to Sacramento

More jobs are coming to Sacramento, with the promise of making the Capital City a magnet for tech startups. On Wednesday Parrable, a San Francisco based firm, announced it is opening an office in Sacramento, which is giving momentum to Mayor Kevin Johnson’s plans to transform Sacramento from a government town to a hub of innovation.