Manuel D. Munoz

By December 4, 2018

Manuel D. Munoz

Business Development Analyst

+1 916 287 9074 •

Manuel Munoz is a business development analyst, serving as the conduit between the Research team and the Business Development team. He works to find benefits and solutions to communicate the value of the Greater Sacramento Area to businesses.

Born in Northridge and raised in Bakersfield, Manuel saw early on the opportunities and benefits economic development and business growth had on the community. Motivated by this and a strong love of numbers and analytics, Manuel pursued and obtained a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Economics from Vanderbilt University. Throughout his time there he served the community through the Questbridge organization, helping establish a permanent presence of volunteer work and community aid at his campus.

Upon graduating, Manuel became a data analyst for a small e-commerce firm and learned firsthand the struggles the ordinary business faces on a daily basis. With a renewed sense of purpose, Manuel set out to Sacramento to pursue an opportunity to help businesses and communities alike.
In his spare time, Manuel is an avid chess enthusiast, an impassioned fiction writer, and a motivated camping fan.