Elizabeth McFarland

By August 2, 2018

Elizabeth McFarland

Manager of Research and Strategy

Liz McFarland is a research analyst for the Greater Sacramento Economic Council focused on developing industry knowledge to leverage new opportunities for Sacramento area’s economic development. Liz brings with her years of experience in data analytics, with key strengths in economic trends driving US market changes. In her role, she focuses on developing business analytic processes and new research to help support, streamline, and drive economic growth in the Greater Sacramento region.

Liz holds an MBA from the University of Denver, where she focused on Business Intelligence and Analytics. Through her continued education, Liz discovered a knack for data research and development, keying in on developing digestible ways to convey big data and research to a broad range of audiences.

Prior to working at Greater Sacramento, Liz worked as an Energy Analyst for S&P Global Platts Analytics, managing research and analytics for the US Energy markets, primarily focused on natural gas impacts. There, Liz created and managed multiple daily, weekly, and monthly client facing market reports as well as developed fresh analysis and presentations for both clients and industry conferences alike. In her previous role, she continued to develop her research and analytics skills, building and monitoring market fundamental models and natural gas price forecasts, something she plans to heavily leverage for economic development ideas in Sacramento.

Through her education and work experience, Liz has developed strong presentation, research, and analytical skills which she uses to analyze complex data and market information, distilling it down into concise, informative, and easy to digest reports and presentations. Liz is passionate about leadership and teamwork, and works to inspire the people around her to work hard while also having fun.

As a California native, she is passionate about the work at Greater Sacramento and strives to help make all areas of California sustainable and prosperous for generations to come.