Tap Into the Vibe

We created our ‘Tap Into the Vibe’ video to highlight the incredible lifestyle that the Greater Sacramento region has to offer. For companies, a great lifestyle means better employee retention and access to high-quality talent.

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The Beer Canvas

Following the success of our Executive Cowbell Giveaway project, we embarked on a new executive giveaway project. This time, we decided to highlight the brewing scene in the Greater Sacramento region.

In the interest of exposing the nation to how Greater Sacramento’s culture has evolved, we partnered with Raley’s Family of Fine Stores, Anthony Padilla, and Wide Open Walls to create a ‘canvas’ of over 170 beer bottles. Anthony, a local artist known for his unique spray paint murals, painted our ‘Beer Canvas’ at this live event. His work is a reflection of the inspiration, inventiveness, and vision of the region.

Our Executive Cowbell Gift Project

“We’re sending these cowbells to leaders in the Bay Area and across the country. Our dream is to bring all of these cowbells back together here in the Sacramento region and to bring this image to life”

– David Garibaldi

About the Project

The Sacramento Region has had a reputation as “a cowtown,” but there is a new vibe and economic potential in the Sacramento region that can be credited to an influx of artists, entrepreneurs, business owners, and an incredible, highly-educated talent base.

To draw the interest of business leaders to the economic potential of the Sacramento area, local performance artist David Garibaldi joined forces with the Greater Sacramento Economic Council to paint an image on a custom-made ‘canvas’ of 240 cowbells. The artwork that he created is a testament to the quickly-evolving energy of our region.

About David Garibaldi

David Garibaldi is a world-renowned performance painter from Sacramento, California. Garibaldi combines his passion for music and color, or rhythm and hue, in his artwork. He paints portraits with bright and vibrant colors while performing. He has been on the hit show America’s Got Talent and painted for President Barack Obama among many other national and world leaders.

Garibaldi was inspired by performance painter Denny Dent and his portrait of Jimi Hendrix. This is when Garibaldi discovered how his passion for paint and music could be an inspirational experience for more than just himself. He discovered music-driven-art, and in some ways it discovered him, revealing a portrait of passion and purpose.

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