Golden 1 Center

1.6 million

21 months
to build

World’s first
LEED Platinum certified
indoor sports venue

Completed 2016

Having changed the landscape of the Sacramento urban core, the Golden 1 Center is a major economic engine in the region. From increases in pedestrian traffic to helping to transform the farm-to-fork story, Golden 1 continues to make its mark in the Greater Sacramento region.

The economic impact of the Golden 1 Center is unparalleled. Creating over 2,100 jobs that have produced over $31 million in wages and $78 million in gross regional product, this economic engine is producing growth and creating new wealth for the region.

Between King games, concerts and nonticketed events, the Golden 1 Center hosts more than 1.6 million visitors who have spent approximately $71 million.

Considered to be at the epicenter of the urban core renewal, the Golden 1 Center invested $558 million. Downtown Commons followed suit and invested $500 million, spurring investments in the Ice Blocks and the Sofia Tsakopoulos Center for the Arts.