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Young Professionals Council

Young Professionals Council

Young professionals in the Greater Sacramento community are eager to affect real economic change. There is an opportunity for young professionals to deliver concrete outcomes that will drive a progressive community-wide agenda forward in a meaningful way. To provide young professionals with a platform for directly affecting economic growth in our region, the Greater Sacramento Economic Council (GSEC) hereby establishes its Young Professionals Council.

The Council's Purpose

The Young Professionals Council's purpose is to leverage the willpower, talent and connections of Greater Sacramento’s young professional community towards the achievement of economic growth in the region via concrete, time-linked objectives. The Council will be largely self-governing and member-driven.


The Council will comprise up to 20

millennials (born in the years 1981 – 1997*).

These individuals will be hand-picked by GSEC based on their achievements in the community.


The Council includes a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson (collectively, ‘The Chairs’). These roles will be elected by the Council on an annual basis. The group will meet once every two months, at a minimum.

Meetings will be minuted. Council objectives, outcomes and tactical plans are to be finalized within the first quarter of each annual cycle. This document will be referred to as the ‘Annual Strategy.’ Semi-annually, a report is to be generated by The Chairs to detail the Council’s progress against its stated goals.


Cornelious Burke

Vice Chair

Amanda Blackwood



The Chairperson is to be present at every quarterly GSEC board meeting. Members are to be actively involved in at least 6 GSEC events (excluding Council meetings). Members are also to support GSEC outreach through personal introductions to peers within GSEC target markets, particularly the Bay Area.


Members are to actively engage with target communities via social media, leveraging GSEC content. Additionally, each member is to develop a thought leadership article for the GSEC blog on a semiannual basis.

Council Members

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