Recruiting Tech Talent In Greater Sacramento Region

Extend Your Runway - Talent

Learn how these companies access a rich talent pool in the Greater Sacramento region.

Leaders from the Greater Sacramento tech community talk about the benefits and advantages they’ve experienced in accessing and recruiting talent in the region.

Sheri Atwood

CEO, SupportPay

SupportPay is the world's first ever automated child-support payment platform. The technology is saving families a lot of head-ache and heart-ache and has the potential to save states millions of dollars in child-support processing.

David Kyle

CEO, Evolve BioSystems

Evolve BioSystems is looking toward a future without disease through the research and development into the infant microbiome.

Jeff Barber

CRO, Apeiron Data Systems

Apeiron is leading the way toward safer security and faster analytics networks by scaling Solid State Memory servers and processing petabytes of machine-generated data quickly, affordably and efficiently.


“The talent we are looking for is a combination of experienced executives, as well as technical talent and of course marketing and sales. When I came to Sacramento, I was surprised at how easy it was to find the talent to run our business. I received about three times the number of applicants as I was expecting. We’ve recruited a combination of people already working in Sacramento as well as a number of people making that daily commute to the Bay Area who love their quality of life in the Greater Sacramento region.”


“Developing a new company is always a difficult thing and it takes money and it takes talent. And my focus as a CEO has been bringing in as much talent and experience as we can into this area to make this company successful, because our mission is so fundamentally important. We’re talking about improving the lives of babies worldwide. The company itself really evolved into the company Evolve over the last 2 or 3 years.We now have 25 employees and within the next 12 months, we anticipate adding another 20. “


“First and foremost, the talent pool of the Sacramento Region is the main reason we are based in Folsom, California. The history of the region has companies like Hewlett Packard, Intel, Micron, NEC, many others, you have Toshiba now in Folsom, as well. So the talent pool for our employee base is incredibly deep and it’s actually not a hard practice at all to find the talented engineers we need.”


“One of the reasons that we are staying here in the Sacramento Area is it’s close to the University of California at Davis. Evolve is basically a food tech, ag tech, nutrition based company. And you may not know, but the University of California at Davis is ranked number 1 worldwide in agriculture. There is an eco-system of development, technology, industry, and many of the major companies actually come to the university to tap into that innovation.”


“When I was looking to relocate my company from Silicon Valley, I was looking at Seattle, Austin, Denver, North Carolina as well as New York. I was able to extend my runway because of all of the resources that Sacramento has provided us. We’ve been able to expand our team dramatically, in fact in the past three month we’ve hired 19 employees.”