Quality of Life

Quality of Life

Access to a California Life – Without the Expense

Perfect weather. The freshest food you’ll find anywhere. And friendly, generous, laid back people. It’s California, after all. Greater Sacramento is all about diversity. Different lifestyles, interests, and tastes. And something to accommodate all of them.

Staying Power

Our region provides employees with an exceptional quality of life and access to the best that California has to offer – all at with a price tag that keeps them happy and engaged.

Greater Sacramento is woven from a collection of unique communities. Hip urban hotspots live next door to agricultural innovators. High tech meets high mountain trails. It’s a place where the meal you share with friends in the hottest new bistro was grown a dozen miles away, and was probably picked earlier that day. Greater Sacramento is a food community. There isn’t a distinctive Sacramento meal. Greater Sacramento is a place where you can find everything. Variety is the Sacramento region’s flavor.

Walk, bike, hike, kayak, canoe. Greater Sacramento is a people-powered network of communities. Ride your bike into work. Bring your running shoes and go for a jog afterwards. Take the kids to the park. We’ve got hundreds of them. And don’t forget your dog. Greater Sacramento is a pet lover’s town.

Sacramento and the communities that surround it are ready to be explored.

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