Advanced Industry Clusters


The City of Sacramento’s Innovation Zone is a set of initiatives that concentrates resources and amenities to help provide the infrastructure and support fresh companies need to grow.

Startups on the cusp of going big are an essential part of the DNA of Greater Sacramento. The Capital Region embraces the startup mentality. Lean, quick, and innovative, Greater Sacramento makes the ideal partner for tech companies in Silicon Valley that need to scale their operations. Greater Sacramento is a collaborative market with the Bay Region. Small tech firms share the region with giants like Apple, Intel, and Oracle. Each of these titans clearly understands the benefits of doing business in cities like Elk Grove, Rocklin, and Folsom.

For companies like NRC Manufacturing, headquartered in Fremont, a 230,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility wasn’t a possibility in Silicon Valley. Elk Grove provided the combination of proximity to the Bay Region, abundant space to manufacture, a highly educated workforce, and regional partners actively engaged in helping businesses succeed.

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