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Life Sciences

Anchored by Northern California’s best healthcare system, Greater Sacramento is a life science and health service destination. Dignity Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health, and the UC Davis Health System are primary drivers of discovery. UC Davis Medical Center is on the cutting edge of treatments and cures. Greater Sacramento’s healthcare system ranks among the top in the nation for cancer treatment, cardiovascular care, and treatment of strokes. UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine is ranked #1 in the world.

Greater Sacramento is a leader in genomic and biomedical research. From biotech companies like SynGen, a developer of stem cell harvesting systems, to diagnostic companies like the revolutionary cancer test developed by Anpac Bio-Medical and the non-invasive Alzheimer’s imaging test developed by NueroVision Imaging, Greater Sacramento’s life science and health service discoveries are changing the world.

Sacramento Area Jobs in Life Science
Increase in Life Science Jobs in the last 5 Years
Average Salary for Life Science Jobs, Above Nat. Average of $62,268

Life science and health service is a top employer category in Greater Sacramento, with 141,405 jobs in that industry. Life science and health service has seen an increase of 15% between 2011 and 2016, 52% higher than the national average. And earnings in life science averages $73,828, 19% higher than the national average of $62,268.

Greater Sacramento’s exceptional educational network provides life science companies with an enormous pool of highly trained, motivated talent. UC Davis and UC Berkeley serve as anchors of the Greater Sacramento educational community, withSacramento State, Los Rios Community College Network,Sierra College, William Jessup University, University of the Pacific, Chico State, and Warwick University providing cutting edge training for all levels of the life science workforce.

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