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Greater Sacramento is hosting more international business activity than ever before. Roughly one in every four companies that is showing interest in investing and creating jobs in the Sacramento Region has a parent company in another country. This is also reflected in recent successes—of the last 17 companies the organization assisted with expansions or new locations, nine were based outside of the U.S. For four of them, this was their first location in the U.S. This, in part, was the result of international trade trends and growth in industries where the Sacramento Region has a tremendous competitive advantage, such as the food technology and clean technology industries, but also through the international outreach. The organization has led over 20 trade missions to Europe and Asia during the last decade, both strengthening ties to existing companies and expanding the visibility of Greater Sacramento abroad.

The region provides a number of benefits to international companies that choose to invest here: a location in the state with the largest and wealthiest market in the country, a central geographic location on the West Coast connected by a nationally recognized transportation network, a cutting-edge technology hub and innovation capital of Northern California, access to the capital of California and all agency headquarters, the lowest costs of real estate and operations of any major metropolitan area in California, a talented workforce and one of the most diverse and integrated populations in the U.S., combined with a family friendly environment in an exciting and enjoyable place to live, with all that California has to offer.

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