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Clean Energy Technology

The Greater Sacramento region is a national hub for renewable energy research and development. The area hosts over 200 green firms and organizations, many with headquarters in the region.

Several excellent universities, community colleges, and private postsecondary institutions offer a green energy curriculum and areas of research. The region boasts a number of research institutions associated with the University of California, Davis, including the California Wind Energy Collaborative, California Solar Energy Collaborative, Energy Efficiency Center, California Lighting Technology Center, and the Institute for Transportation Studies. California State University, Sacramento is the home of the California Smart Grid Center.

As the capital of California, the Sacramento Region is where cutting-edge decisions are made, dramatically affecting the landscape of the clean energy technology industry. Decisions made in California regarding energy and the environment are often used as models for the rest of the U.S.

The region is a large and expanding market for several clean technology industries, including solar, wind, energy efficiency, and biomass. In fact, the region was recently ranked the 4th strongest clean tech economy in the U.S.

The Sacramento Region has three of the top ten most progressive utility companies in the U.S. as community providers of natural gas and electricity: Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), SMUD, and Roseville Electric. Both PG&E and SMUD were ranked among the top 20 “Smartest” utilities in the nation by the annual UtiliQ by Intelligent Utility Magazine, ranking third and 15th, respectively.

Sacramento is the 4th Strongest Clean Tech Hub in the U.S.

The newest ranking of metropolitan areas in the U.S. by the strength of their clean technology economies places Sacramento fourth in the nation. Clean Edge researchers considered 20 factors to determine the strongest regions including workforce, green buildings, utilities’ use of renewable energy, advanced transportation, venture capital, and innovation.

Greater Sacramento is one of only two metropolitan regions to score in the top 10 in all four major categories of analysis: green buildings; advanced transportation; clean electricity and carbon management; and clean technology investment, innovation, and research. The region ranked first in the nation in clean energy job concentration and has emerged as an early hub for electric vehicles.

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