An Economy Built on Diversity

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California embraces diversity and innovation as the route to economic prosperity while the rest of the nation is pulling back from the international stage and showing increasing intolerant to groups with different skin colors, religions, languages, and sexual identities. Instead of seeking to create the new industries propelled by technology and innovation, the incoming administration is focused on resurrecting old industries that have been in decline for decades.

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Tech Startups Enjoy Longer ‘Runway’ in the Sacramento Area

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Time is of the essence for any startup, especially for tech startups that place a premium on the commercialization process. Tech startups are increasingly recognizing the competitive advantage and cost savings that operating in the Sacramento region affords them. The Sacramento area offers them increased ‘runway’ to get their product off the ground by offering business cost advantages that allow the dollars invested in their product to go much further in the Sacramento region relative to those tech startups operating in other markets.

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