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California exclusive priority permit processing

Crafted by a working group of building officials and design professionals, PASS is a Sacramento regional initiative that enhances code conformance–while saving time and money for both public and private sector projects.

The Benefits of PASS

Civic Leaders

achieve increased economic activity and community investment.

The Public

is served by buildings that meet today’s high level of performance and design standards in energy, sustainability, and aesthetics.


get on with their business sooner and save time and money.

Design Professionals

and all those involved in the creation and support of the built environment work more efficiently.

Visit The Streamline Institute for more information.
Streamline Institute

How Does It Work?

In its essence, PASS is a training and document approval program, run by industry professionals, that instructs participating organizations on how to implement a defined system of document standards that make for relatively uniform building plan documents. Documents that utilize PASS standards are much easier to review and in turn, provide a rapid approval process.

To receive a notification about the date of the next class, email


- A checklist that outlines document content and organization

- A set of consensus derived drawing examples that make up a detailed training program

- A test which must be passed for listing on the PASS registry

Step 1

Register and participate in the PASS training program.

Step 2

Graduate from the PASS training class and register as a PASS certified design, construction, or planning professional.

Step 3

Submit PASS compliant planning documents for review.

Step 4

Your PASS compliant documents will bypass the traditional intake examination and be reviewed by a PASS qualified plans examiner, allowing for expedited approval and an overall accelerated building completion.

Visit The Streamline Institute for more information.

Streamline Institute

If you are PASS certified and submit plans that do not conform to Pass standards, you will be flagged. Being flagged 3 times will get you removed from the PASS registry and cause loss of privileges.

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