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If you are interested in relocating your business, we offer complimentary, data-driven consultancy to help you consider the Greater Sacramento market.

We help companies in choosing a location, securing talented employees, taking advantage of incentive programs, and connecting with business peers.

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A Value Proposition You Can't Afford to Ignore

Greater Sacramento provides access to the California innovation ecosystem, world-class talent and a mega-region of resources – all at a cost that allows for sustainable growth. As the top metro region for net inflow of Redfin real estate searches in Q4 2017, it is clear that people are taking notice. And where are these talented individuals coming from? San Francisco and, for out-of-state searches, from Seattle.


Direct access to a system of universities, anchored by the top UC schools, gives the region a powerful workforce – including 318,000 currently enrolled 4-year university students.


Relocating to Greater Sacramento from Seattle cuts employee expenses by nearly a third. For an employer, these cost savings multiply.


The Northern California Megaregion is a competitive marketplace of 12.2 million people, with a regional GDP that is the highest of any US megaregion.

The Time is Now to Bring Your Business to Greater Sacramento

The Sacramento region is experiencing a profound shift in its competitive position, thanks in large part to an influx of entrepreneurs, businesses, creative professionals, and a highly-educated, STEM-driven talent base.

In parallel, the profitability of California’s business community continues to top national charts.

Combined, these quantifiable advantages have positioned the region as the preferred option for profitable growth within California – the world’s most innovative economy.

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California needs a statewide economic development plan to spread jobs beyond the Bay Area and Southern California, and to counter claims that the state is bad for business. Assembly Bill 2596 by Ken Cooley and Kevin Kiley would broaden the brand.

Sacramento Is California’s Newest Real-Estate Hot Spot

The once-sleepy government town of Sacramento is attracting a rush of buyers and flurry of development near its Golden 1 Center, a new NBA arena.

The hardest job in tech? Convincing start-ups to move to Sacramento

Cynthia Carrillo knows the numbers. 30: The number of meetings she might do in a month with start-ups and venture capitalists. 3: The average number of times she has to talk to someone to persuade them to visit Sacramento.

A Region on the Rise

Our regional talent continues to contribute to innovation and sustainable growth in key industry clusters. The region, which is currently ranked #4 In STEM-related Bachelor’s degrees in the West and Southwest, has over 480,000 residents with a bachelor’s degree - nearly 240,000 of whom are in a STEM field (48%).

Agritech Innovation

Food production is a $54 billion industry in California, with over $21 billion coming from foreign exports.  The Greater Sacramento area is at the forefront of Agritech innovation within this industry.

Life Sciences

Life science and health service is a top employer category in Greater Sacramento, with 166,686 jobs in that industry. Greater Sacramento is a life science and health service destination.


Greater Sacramento is the place where startups go to scale up. Greater Sacramento feeds young companies on the verge of going big their ideal type of employee.

AI and Autonomous Vehicles

The Greater Sacramento region is well poised to escalate growth within this sector, due to its high concentration of talent, robust infrastructure, and proximity to the Bay Area.

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