About the Region

As a business in Greater Sacramento, you understand the value of this marketplace. The Greater Sacramento Economic Council is committed to helping ensure you stay here and thrive here. Whether it’s assistance with regulatory issues, or helping find new or additional space, staff, or resources, we are dedicated to keeping you part of our community. After all, you’re part of what makes this place such a great place. We’re also committed to helping you get bigger and better.

Greater Sacramento brings together the competitive benefits of California in an affordable, young, and educated marketplace. Greater Sacramento is a complementary market to the Bay Area and Silicon Valley. Sacramento is 54% less expensive than San Francisco, and 27% less expensive than Seattle.

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    Follow our latest news and updates, there is always something happening at Greater Sacramento!
  • Communities
    Greater Sacramento is woven from a collection of unique communities. Hip urban hotspots live next door to agricultural innovators.
  • County Profiles
    Where you run your business is one of the most important parts of how successful your business will be. California is the most profitable state in the country to do business.
  • Rankings & Accolades
    Accolades for the Greater Sacramento continue to support the region's robust competitiveness.
  • Tax Structure & Business Incentives
    Greater Sacramento and the State of California have a number of grants and incentives to help attract and grow businesses to the Capital Region.